Photographic Memory: Carnotaurus? You hardly know us!

Mickey camera

First of all, the pun in the post title is entirely Jenn’s fault. Don’t blame Moon for that. It was out of her control.

Anyway – welcome to the first post in our series Photographic Memory, in which we discuss… wait for it… the memories we have attached to photos from WDW. Sometimes the photo itself might not even be that good or high in quality (see below), but if we’ve got a story about it to share it’s fair game!

This particular picture is from the on-ride photo taken of your Time Rover when being attacked by the carnotaurus. Most people show varying levels of fear and alarm. Moon, on the other hand…

Top right. The one who has clearly seen much more impressive dinosaurs in her time.

JENN: The interesting thing about Dinosaur is that people I take on it who aren’t big on roller coasters tend to LOVE it. The less adventurous Moon of old is a case in point.

MOON: Well, to be fair: DINOSAURS.

JENN: Well, yes, but: SCARY DINOSAURS.

MOON: Who wouldn’t love that?

JENN: Children. Small children wouldn’t love that. The first time through was kinda terrifying!

MOON: I was brought up on The Land Before Time and I still love the ride. And not all of the dinosaurs are scary. šŸ˜›

JENN: Oh, don’t get me wrong – the ride is awesome. But then I’ve conditioned myself through multiple rides. And also I am braced by the soothing tones of Bill Nye the Science Guy telling me all about extinction.

MOON:Ā  Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill…

JENN: What I love about this particular photo is how blase Moon looks. “Oh. It’s you.”

MOON: Okay, so the most exciting part of the ride for me (besides being completely in the dark –Ā  Jenn can confirm how much I love to be scared) is the sauropod… because he’s a vegetarian. šŸ˜€

JENN:Ā  Hahaha, the first time we rode you yelled out “ME TOO!”

MOON: I guess I should say herbivore…

JENN: It was a moment of hilarity slicing through the fear.

MOON: <3

No, but seriously, guys, ride Dinosaur. It’s awesome. Especially if you keep your eyes open the entire time, which I’ve totally done before and I didn’t have to work up to or anything. What? Your MOM is scared of Dinosaur. Shut up.

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