The Fairest Week In Review: 12/23

Doctor Who run

JENN: Let’s start by noting that we finally got around to putting together our flights for the Tinker Bell Half, and I’m super excited!

MOON: We are flying to LA, whhhat!

JENN: And our flight out is even nonstop. Unprecedented!

MOON: The cares weren’t too steep either. I mean fares.

JENN: Indeed.

MOON: Quite.

JENN: Yes. Overall, I think it’s an auspicious beginning.

MOON: So… tell me about your week. I hear there was a muscle injury?

JENN: 🙁 Yeah.

MOON: I’m so sorry. Did you walk today?

JENN: Yeah, today was just a walk.

See, on Thursday I went for a run with Nicole in DC. We ran from DuPont Circle to the National Zoo and back and it was awesome and fun and we had a great time.

But the next day I felt a little twinge in the muscle next to my Achilles’ tendon. It didn’t seem unusually sore, so like an idiot I went for another short run anyway and turned it into a legitimate problem.

Luckily it’s feeling a lot better now – I may even try running again tomorrow – but I’m trying to be smart about not pushing things.

MOON: You might be good for a short run, but whenever I push it, I always make things worse. Tread lightly my dear.

JENN: I’ll grit my teeth and be careful, promise!

Did you run this week?

MOON: I did! I had two great runs. Speed and distance was pretty good. Improvement is happening, and my excitement for January is heightening. I’m glad to say I’m getting back into my normal routine.

JENN: Yay! Which reminds me! We got our corral assignment for Tink, annnnnnnd… CORRAL B. WHAT. That deserves the comic strip sound effect salute!



MOON: High five!

JENN: Anything noteworthy musically this week?

MOON: A lot of indie electronic, nothing too spectacular to note this week.

JENN: Yeah. I’m on a Flogging Molly kick again, but that happens, like, every two weeks.

MOON: That’s my Queen, girl. I must say this, however! Beethoven’s birthday was this week. I LOVE running to the symphonies. Magic happens.

JENN: Beethoven owns us all.

MOON: Amen.

Your lord and master.

JENN: Right then. Roundup time!

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