In Which Jenn Drinks Champagne In Epcot

Champagne in Epcot

Let’s talk about champagne. Yes! I knew you’d be up for it.

If you read my trip recap, you’ll recall that last year my travel buddy Elizabeth missed our flight down to WDW for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon. Luckily she was able to snag a seat on a later plane, but the end result was that even after race packet pickup I was left with about an hour to kill on my own. It being the Food & Wine Festival, I naturally hopped a bus from the race expo to the Boardwalk resort, then walked over to the International Gateway and into Epcot.

I was subject to a minor dilemma, however. I didn’t want to start eating without Elizabeth, in case she wanted to try any of the things I got. I figured the best thing to do was to entertain myself in Future World – but as I passed through the front of the World Showcase, something caught my eye.

The Dessert & Champagne booth.

I jumped right into line and got myself a cheap glass of something, I don’t know; it had bubbles, and that’s what counts.

I took my glass and I sipped champagne as I wandered through some of the shops, checking out F&W Festival merchandise. And even though I was all alone and had had a stressful morning, I was in WDW drinking champagne, and I was happy. And when I hit dirt for this year’s F&W Festival, I plan to do it all over again.

Sometimes it’s not the rides and the shows but those mundane little moments that make a WDW trip a WDW trip.

Do you have any mundane park moments that made your favorite memories?

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