You’re Going To Walt Disney World Again, AGAIN?

Joffrey's coffee at Tower of Terror

Two Walt Disney World trips in as many months?! No one can live at that speed!

I know! And yet, here we are. I mean, can one run too many runDisney races in a year? I think not! Corollary remark: does all my fun money go directly to runDisney races? I think so!

No matter; this may well be my last chance to run the Tower of Terror 10 Miler, and I’m glad I’m taking it. So that’s goal 1: have an absolutely smashing race.

And I have other big goals too, of course. Here are some of my Important Plans:

Important Walt Disney World plans

• Gotta try to knock out as much of my Flower & Garden Festival To-Eat list as possible, obvs. Expect to see me in Epcot a lot.

• I may try to sneak into the Topolino’s Terrace bar my first night and watch the Harmonious fireworks from there. Not that you can see anything outside of the taller pyro, but that’s fine – I understand they pipe in the music and that’s what really counts.

• Take a ton of pictures in the Magic Kingdom – in cultivating my Instagram presence over the last few months I have discovered I am suffering from a major MK deficit. Also celebrate the return of the Citrus Swirl, duh.

• I’m also considering getting Genie+ on my Magic Kingdom day????? I feel like I could potentially extract real value out of it flying solo… and my plan was to test this theory.

However, I’m hearing that crowds have only been getting worse in the parks, and while the whole idea of Genie+ is to beat some of the line, the more people in the parks, the more people you’re competing with for included Lightning Lane slots. I feel like there’s a balancing point where Genie+ is most useful and we might be traveling beyond it. I’ll have to think about it.

• Gideon’s cookies are a must. Now that I know they freeze well, I’m getting the full half dozen one person is allowed. And some frosting for after the race.

Okay, I think that’s a good start for now. I won’t be back in WDW until November, so I gotta cram what I can into this trip! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter (links below) to keep abreast of all my adventures. I’m definitely gonna play around with my Insta Stories, so keep an eye out for that.

Next time I see you: Walt Disney World!

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