The Fairest Trip Report Of All: 4/3

WDW Trip Report - showing off my medal at the Tower of Terror

Trip report time! I’m covering my April 2022 trip for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler. Read all the posts in this report here. Onward!

The best part of any runDisney race is, of course, the race. Duh. But the second best part is without a doubt the shower and nap right afterward. Post-Tower of Terror 10 Miler I indulged in a long shower and 2 hour nap in my glorious king bed, and it was delightful.

Not gonna lie, I could’ve slept longer – but I had an Oga’s Cantina reservation to make! I dragged myself out from under the covers, threw on some clothes, and took a leisurely Skyliner trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

I had a bit of time to kill before Oga’s, which I spent on Sunset Boulevard getting the obligatory Tower of Terror medal photos. The PhotoPass photographer was game, and even coached me through a medal-specific shot.

Shortly after I met my buddy Seth (you remember Seth), who I had invited to share my Oga’s spot, and we began the arduous journey to Batuu. Technically it was a 1-man operation, but the Cast Member who checked me in didn’t bat an eye when I requested Seth be allowed to join my party.

Another thing the CM didn’t do? Actually check me in. 😅 We hung around for about 20 minutes past my reservation time before I approached the check in stand to inquire. Turns out either the CM didn’t complete my check in or the system glitched; either way, I was kicked out of the queue. Thankfully they slipped me back in and we were inside Oga’s mere minutes later.

Can you fangirl outside your fandom? If so, I always fangirl all over Oga’s Cantina, even if a lot of the references go over my head. (If only Kirk could go to Qo’noS, maybe only Jenn could go to Oga’s?)

Our spot was awesome: smack in the middle of the bar’s curve, right in front of the, I don’t know, engine or whatever? We saw it break, and it was everything I wanted it to be.

More than that, we got to stick around for more than a full “show” cycle, including 2 rounds of the call-and-response drinking song. Initially we were given a 10-minute warning on our official 45 minute slot, but then our awesome bartender was like, eh, you can stay. 😂

In addition to enjoying both drinks and the ambiance, it was interesting to watch for the special insignias worn by the Galactic Starcruiser guests on their Batuu excursion. Outside we saw people bounding in full Star Wars cosplay, including a decked out First Order officer and a guy who you could easily confuse with the Kylo Ren. But in Oga’s you got a lot of your more casual cruisers. One guy was literally in an Under Armour t-shirt.

We grabbed a Batuu beer for the road before heading out of the Studios, taking the Skyliner to Epcot to meet up with the one, the only Becky of Disney In Your Day and her friend Vikki. After grabbing a few of our own snacks, we found them in World Showcase and began to stroll in tandem.

So, basically, we did that for the rest of the night. I wish I had a more exciting ending for you, but – well, no, I don’t because we had a great time. 😂 We ate Flower & Garden Festival snacks, poked around shops, and watched The Pointer Sisters from the top of the American Gardens Theatre. Their twerking was mesmerizing and also now I need a sparkly silver jumpsuit.

The Pointer Sisters

Becky and Vikki wisely left before Harmonious to catch a resort bus, but Seth and I stayed for the fireworks. Eventually I’ll need to give Disney Enchantment over at the Magic Kingdom another chance I guess, but I still think Harmonious is far and away the better nighttime spectacular.

I managed to drag Seth away from the show before it ended so that we didn’t have to bare the full brunt of post-park close Skyliner crowds, and we were on a gondola in short order. I bid goodbye to him at Caribbean Beach, then took the second gondola back to Pop.

Ah, one more Disney night…

I swung through the Everything Pop food court to grab a sandwich before heading back to my room, squeezing in a quick shower before I ate. Then it was time for some preliminary packing (boo!) and dumb hotel TV (yay!) before settling into bed for The Last Day (boo!).

And for the grand finale: MORE time in the Studios and Epcot. See ya next week for that!

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