Review: Space 220 Lounge, April 2023

WDW trip report - Space 220

Hooray for trip reports! This trip report covers my April 2023 trip for the runDisney Springtime Surprise Weekend, and today we’ll be talking about my reservation at Space 220 Lounge. Read all the posts in this report here. Onward!

Boy, is Space 220 Lounge a tough ticket to get – I’ve been gunning for an ADR for this one for ages. The lounge is even harder to snag than the restaurant itself as far as I can tell; I guess no one likes being locked into a prix fixe. I know I don’t. But I finally got in, and I’m here to tell the way-high-up-there tale!


A lot of the appeal of this restaurant is in the theme – I mean, who doesn’t want to chill in space?

It all begins before you even enter the restaurant, with your simulated maglev space elevator ride. Ostensibly you’re traveling 220 miles in the air because that’s where space starts. (I assume they got this idea from Star Trek: Voyager. 😉)

They give you a pass, I think to differentiate between restaurant and lounge patrons? And to make sure you didn’t sneak in, I suppose. You have to wait a bit for your elevator to fill before you can blast off, but not to an egregious degree.

Space 220 boarding pass

The elevator itself is a very simple motion simulator + screen experience, which Pat did not find particularly impressive, but as one who is always happy to suspend disbelief in the name of pure imagination I thought it was a ton of fun. You also reverse the process on the way down. Look, I added some music!


Once you get up there, the atmosphere kind of reminds me of – dare I say it – Horizons?! That was my impression, albeit in a very subtle way. You pass a hydroponics bay on the way in, which is a nice touch, and of course the defining characteristic of the room is the enormous set of screens. Did I say screens? Sorry, I meant windows into space. My bad.

The screens aren’t static, which is neat – different objects and even astronauts float by periodically.

The decor itself is very The Future Is Minimalist – sleek but not tech-y. There’s a proper bar in the lounge in addition to many tables, although sitting there means you’re facing completely away from the windows. Normally I’m a big proponent of sitting (or standing) at the bar, but at Space 220 I’d make an exception. Or sit sideways like a weirdo, I guess.

Be sure to make a pit stop in the bathroom for some Humorous Signs!


The theme continues in the drinks, which in addition to the names include cute nods to space travel like Milky Way candy and astronaut ice cream. Or at least they did; it would appear the drink menu has received a pretty sizeable overhaul since I was there. Lucky for you, I was able to Wayback Machine my way to the old menu for comparison:

Current menu on the left; old menu on the right. Click to enlarge.

One of the drinks I tried has completely disappeared. And you know what? I get it, because it SUCKED. We’re gonna go in reverse order, because my second drink was NOT GOOD.

I made the mistake of ordering The Big Tang: Espolon Reposado, Cointreau, Tang-Infused Agave Nectar, Astronaut Ice Cream. I love tequila, Tang is a space classic, and ditto on the astronaut ice cream, right?

Space 220 drinks

Well. The astronaut ice cream was good, in a chalky, fourth-grade kind of way. The rest reminded me entirely too much of that time I tried to make a margarita with Gatorade. I didn’t like that, and I didn’t like this either – the cloying sweetness of the Tang simply could not stand up to the pungent tequila, while at the same time somehow changing tequila’s flavor profile for the worse? Gross. But it’s gone now, so unless it comes back, don’t worry about it.

From the lowest lows to the highest highs: my first drink was the Atmospritz, New Amsterdam, Aperol, Blood Orange, Orange Juice, Prosecco, Cotton Candy Cloud.

Holy smokes, did I LOVE this drink. I myself like a good Negroni now and again, but I must admit the bitterness of the aperol makes it slow going. The Atmospritz took everything great about a Negroni – the lightness, the bubbles, the bright flavor profile – removed the bitterness, and added an interactive cotton candy twist. Observe!

(“I’m gonna be lame and take a video,” I said. “Don’t worry,” replied our server, “everyone does.”)

I should’ve just gotten another one for my second round. I was pondering pursuing another reservation on my next WDW trip just for this drink. Except…

Now for the bad news: I am absolutely GUTTED to announce that this drink is gone, replace with the Galaxy Spritz. This new spritz iteration has some similar ingredients, but it’s definitely a different drink. Do you think the bartender would make me an Atmospritz anyway? They might not have the cotton candy on hand but I doubt it added that much.


As I mentioned above, the awesome thing about the lounge is that you’re not locked into the full prix fixe menu like you are in the restaurant proper. Our waiter did tell us we were welcome to order it if we liked, but we did not like. Instead we stuck to the a la carte small plates available to lounge guests.

I’ve heard great things about the buffalo cauliflower, but alas, selling Pat on this plant-based item wasn’t in the cards. Instead we went with the Astro Deviled Eggs: Free-Range Eggs, Maple Glazed Bacon, Scallion, Pickled Shallots, Micro Greens.

Space 220 deviled eggs

These were fine. A little bland for me personally, as I prefer a deviled egg that’s a little heavier on the mustard than mayo, but if you’re in it for a creamy taste these eggs will deliver. The maple glazed bacon was a highlight for me; it was clearly thick-cut and high quality. For the price, I don’t necessarily think they deliver value, but neither would I caution you against ordering them. (Don’t order The Big Tang.)


If you’re wondering if hunting down a Space 220 reservation is worth it, I say: yes! While it’s hardly envelope-pushing, I find the theme charming and the simulated space elevator rides to and from to be a unique addition that sells the fantasy. I’d say it’s worth at least one shot if you’re on the fence. Try for the lounge reservation, and then worst case scenario you have one drink and you leave.

But if you see Tang on the menu… I wouldn’t. 🤪

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