Great Success! My 13-Day Vacation Run Streak

Boardwalk Candy Kitchen

Announcing a run goal in a public forum is risky. I mean, sometimes you whiff it, y’know? Sometimes you whiff it twice. Still, what’s the fun in taking a big swing if no one is there to see, um, where… the ball… lands? I’m not sure where to take this metaphor, but I think you get the idea.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago, I told you all about my modest goal to run 13 straight days while on vacation. I’ve heard tell of people with multi-year run streaks, but I’d never done more than six days in a row. Thirteen might seem like quite a jump from there, but the Ocean City boardwalk is so flat and soft, and I love morning runs there so much – I figured, why not try to maximize my joy?

I won’t keep you in suspense: it worked! I ran all 13 mornings straight and felt good doing it. For safety I kept my paces slow all the way though, and I think that was a good call. One time I even zoned so hard I accidentally ran an extra half mile. Oopsie. 😂

In fact, I’m confident I could’ve kept going for at least a while – another week, certainly, and maybe even two. The boardwalk is such a great place to run; I really can’t recommend it enough.

So inspiring was my time that I’m changing up the format of this blog post. Normally I abhor video and strongly prefer the written word… and yet I couldn’t resist putting together a little run streak montage. I figure it’s okay because it’s just some fun music and visuals – zero talking at ya involved!

Still not on board with the moving pictures? No worries; I’ve slapped together all my morning pre-run streak selfies below for your eyeballs’ enjoyment. I know that’s what you wanted all along.

In conclusion: vacation running at the beach rocks, my run streak was a success, and I already can’t wait for next year!

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