Doctor Who run

The Fairest Week In Review: 12/23

JENN: Let’s start by noting that we finally got around to putting together our flights for the Tinker Bell Half, and I’m super excited! MOON: We are flying to LA, whhhat! JENN: And our flight out is even nonstop. Unprecedented! MOON: The cares weren’t too steep either. I mean fares. JENN: Indeed. MOON: Quite. JENN: Yes. Overall, I think it’s an auspicious beginning. MOON: So… tell me about your week. I hear there was a muscle injury? JENN: 🙁 Yeah. MOON: I’m so sorry. Did you walk today? JENN: Yeah, today was just a walk. See, on Thursday I...

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Better Off Ted deal with it

The Fairest Week In Review: 12/16

JENN: LOOK WHO I FOOOOOOUND MOON:  GIIIIIIRRRRLLLLL Reunited! WITH HATS. JENN: WOO! Moon has been running! MOON: Affirmative! JENN: So how’s your new training era been going? MOON: Well, typically training is always a downer in the winter for me. You know… it’s cold, no sun, every day is blue. So I made myself promise to run every day for a week at least to try and get back into my normal routine. I think it worked pretty well. This week I plan to do at least one long run. JENN: Have you been running outside or treadmilling it?...

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Sad Marie

The Fairest Week in Review: 12/10

In the immortal words of Marvin the Paranoid Android: Oh GOD I’m so depressed. In other words, I flew home from Walt Disney World on Sunday, and now I’m falling into the tired, inevitable old cliche: constantly thinking things like “Yesterday at this time, I was eating breakfast with Tigger.” “Yesterday at this time I was walking past Spaceship Earth.” Three days ago, I was setting the Magic Kingdom on fire. And then I forgot to close out my spreadsheet on my computer, so when I got to work this morning and turned on my monitor it was THERE,...

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Cinderella Castle

The Fairest Week In Review: 12/2

GUYS. GUYS. GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS. I LEAVE FOR WALT DISNEY WORLD ON WEDNESDAY. My preferred mode of travel. I cannot begin to explain to you how perfect the timing is. I need a pick-me-up and WDW is just about the only thing strong enough to make that happen. I’ll be going into greater detail regarding my plans on Wednesday, but for now just know that the world can expect to become a beautiful place once more in short order. I think I covered training pretty well in my post about running in the cold. As for music,...

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Sad Robin Hood

The Fairest Week in Review: 11/25

Oof. To be perfectly frank, I had a rough weekend. That’s a bad start to the post. Please forgive me. Please forgive me, too, for depriving you of Moon’s virtual company; she got a couple training runs in this week and was going to get in on the Week In Review for the first time in forever. Unfortunately, in an effort to combat said weekend roughness, I ended up at her apartment watching silly YouTube videos all evening and nothing productive got done. In sum, I am Not Feeling It, I’m afraid. Let us simply say that my training...

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Escape from Tomorrow

The Fairest Week in Review: 11/18

Hi, everybody! How was your weekend? I finally saw Escape to Tomorrow, and I have… thoughts. So there’s that to look forward to this week. Aside from that, I’m trying to wrangle Moon for another post or two; her mom’s doing fine but she has a new paramour. You know how it is. As for my training, it was a little wonky last week. Since I had Monday off, I jammed in one of my loooooong runs – I set my record of 22 miles. I’d done 20 before and really didn’t think another...

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The Fairest Week in Review: 11/12

Hello, humans! I had yesterday off for Veteran’s Day and used it to cram in my longest run yet. It was supposed to happen on Sunday, but I had a ballet performance on Saturday evening which evidently required a next-day crash; I spent most of the day sleeping. Us artsy types are weird. Look at my pretty pointe shoes! But never mind all that. Last week’s training went surprisingly well! Even when I took my run in the morning I cranked out a good one – and I am NOT a morning person. I wish I knew what, exactly,...

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Magic bands

In Which Jenn Flips Out Over Magic Bands & Makes A Disney Playlist

Is Carol Anne so wisely said in Poltergeist: THEY’RE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE. Do Spanish-speaking families receive a box that says ‘increible’? Hello, precious. Hello. I got home from ballet last night, saw the box on the kitchen counter, and squeaked to such a tremendous degree that my roommate came in to find out what was inside. And then she humored me admirably when I showed her my plastic bracelets. But guys, seriously – I am SO EXCITED because that means MY DAY IS COMING. Twenty-seven days. Twenty-seven days until I am showing my mom around Walt Disney World! And in honor...

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Music notes

Music + Running: When Headphones & Sneakers Do Not Entertain a Happy Marriage

No doubt you’re sick of Jenn prattling on, so for a change of pace, here’s a solo Moon post! Yay! Hey gang! I’m venturing on a new series, here. Hopefully this narrative will get more interesting as we push forward, but bear with me for a bit. But, before I get too preachy, how about revealing what the series actually is. Music and Running Let me preface with the admission that I use the term “running” loosely. I know there are many serious runners for and against listening to music while running. Perhaps we can tackle this debate at...

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