Disney World Someday: Playing The Long Con On My Niece

50th Cinderella Castle

Guess what? We’re taking my nieces to Walt Disney World for the first time EVER this November! Guess what else? They have NO IDEA.

Indeed, my brother-in-law says he wants to keep them in the dark right until the moment they arrive at the parks. Now, these kids will be 6 and 9 at that point, and none so easily snowed; I have my doubts about this plan. But hey, not my kids, not my problem. Not complaining, either – I’m going to WDW!!!!

I hung out with both nieces a lot while in Ocean City recently, and despite the temptation I was very very careful not to mention our upcoming Top Secret trip. But boy oh boy did I have fun planting the idea of a trip together in their mind.

Specifically I was after M, who is older and has expressed greater interest in going to WDW with me. (She did once say “You go to Disney too much,” but that was totally just the jealousy talking. I’ll allow it. 😜) When we hang out she likes to go through my most recent WDW pictures, and this time around I was shamelessly plugging everything.

M likes “spooky” stuff, where by “spooky” I mean aesthetically scary but not actually scary. A born Tim Burton fan. Obviously I talked up the Tower of Terror and especially the Haunted Mansion. She was suitably impressed when I told her that I have frequently ridden the Haunted Mansion all by myself. I’m so brave. (She WILL open her eyes on that ride. I’ll bribe her with souvenirs if I gotta.)

We also discussed the Frozen singalong, which as you know I am obsessed with. M loves Frozen, so we will absolutely be doing that on our “imaginary” buddy trip.

Frozen singalong

Then I showed her a video of the dancers at Raglan Road and that was intriguing. She wants some cake from Gideon’s (don’t we all). My Toy Story 10 Miler race photo with Mike Wazowski earned me some points. We discovered that we both have the same favorite Disney princess in Mulan!

Springtime Surprise Mike Wazowski

Oh, and of course we watched a bunch of Disney movies over the course of the week: Inside Out (I liked it more the second time around), Meet the Robinsons (duh), The Princess & The Frog, Lilo & Stitch, and Tangled. I was just as rapt as the kids thanks to my status as a subadult. 😎

But the clincher – the interaction that really put the seal on my Walt Disney World long con – was as follows:

M: Can I go with you next time you go to Walt Disney World?

ME: Well, the next time I’m going is in November for a race. I’ll tell you what – the next time I go after that, I promise I’ll take you. Deal?

M: Deal.

And we hooked pinkies, the ancient oath.

Of course you read the introductory paragraph, so you know: the next time I go to WDW after my Wine & Dine Challenge trip is already with them. Hahaha! I, a grown subadult, put one over on a nine year old! What a clever girl I am!

Egg and her face will be in alignment when she sees me at Walt Disney World

I hope the second M figures out what’s going on – probably sometime around when she sees that their flight is to Orlando – her first question will be if Aunt Jenn is coming. Wouldn’t miss it for the world, kiddo!

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