The Fairest Trip Report Of All: 11/04

Trip report time! See all the posts in this report. I was able to wander right onto a Pop bus post-half marathon, and I rolled on back to my room and immediately hopped into a much-needed hot shower. (I don’t care what the experts say about ice baths and crud – you can pry my hot shower from my HOT DEAD HANDS.) By the time I emerged, I figured I might as well stay awake until Erika got back, so I riffled through my snack box and watched the ubiquitous Friends marathon until she appeared. She took her own shower, and then...

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Disney's Animal Kingdom

In Which Jenn Has A Favorite WDW Park

And now we honor Disney’s Animal Kingdom in its 20th birthday week. Dear DAK, I mean every single word of this. It can be hard for a Walt Disney World enthusiast to pin down a favorite thing. The categories are so broad that narrowing down even a top three can seem daunting. The hardest question of all may be this: which park is your favorite? I mean, how do you begin to compare them? Epcot’s got the World Showcase, and that’s incredible, but the feeling you get on Main Street, the castle on the horizon, is hard to match. Disney’s...

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Cinderella Castle

In Which Jenn Is Prepped For WDW

Things to do tomorrow: 1. Go to Walt Disney World. In the wise words of Lavender Gooms: Things not to do on this WDW trip: 1. Run a runDisney race. Which makes me feel all weird. You mean I don’t have to immediately bolt for the expo as soon as I get there? I haven’t had a non-race trip since… December 2013, the last time I took my mom. Hmmm. Here are an assortment of things I do intend to do: Since my mom only rides the green side anyway, let’s check out the new Mission: Space Get some margaritas from the new...

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Country Bear Jamboree

In Which There Was Blood On The Saddle

So there I am, minding my own business at my parents’ house. Am I there because in the morning my dad is going to drive me to the airport so I can go to Walt Disney World? I don’t remember. Probably. Statistically likely. Anyway, I come out of the bathroom next to the computer room and: there it is. I’m briefly uncertain. Is it…? It totally is. I grab it and bring it to my dad. “Do you know who this is???” I demand. “Sure,” he replies immediately. “That’s Big Al from The Country Bear Jamboree. Your grandfather loved...

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Ellen's Energy Adventure

In Which Jenn Mourns The Universe Of Energy Alone

(Source) The Disney blogosphere has been exploding with D23-fueled news all week. There are a million new things coming to Disney parks – resorts, rides, full lands, new forms of transport, the works. This is not a post about anything new. It is about something old. Something very, very old. Who mourns the Universe of Energy? The UoE is closing down in August in favor of a Guardian of the Galaxy attraction of some kind. This has change has been rumored for months. Many people are against it because, arguably, Marvel doesn’t really belong in Epcot’s Futureworld, at least not...

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In Which Jenn Is Headed For The Dark Side

Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. TomorrowLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!! Tomorrow we go to Walt Disney World for the Dark Side Half, a brand new race for me! Needless to say I’m hella excited. It’ll be my second time taking Pat, and I’m super psyched to enjoy time with him in my favorite place in the whole world. While I loved loved loved doing the Dopey Challenge, it didn’t make for the most relaxing trip. This time around we’ll be able to slow down a little. Trip bucket list: Get Pat onto Splash Mountain as many times as humanly possible – an occasion two decades...

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Magic bands

In Which Jenn’s Magic Bands Are Disappointingly Tasteful After All

You didn’t think I’d leave you hanging, did you? If you haven’t been following my Magic Band drama, let me sum up, Inigo Montoya-style: I tried to put “Pork Butt” on my Magic Band and Disney wasn’t having it. (Read the full story here to get the scoop on how I found out, who I talked to, and why “butt” is a bad, bad word and Nemo never should’ve touched it.) But wait, there’s more! After calling a Cast Member to begrudgingly let her change the name, I subsequently received two separate Magic Band shipment confirmation emails. Could Disney IT...

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Magic bands

In Which Jenn Is Obscene, If You Ask Disney IT (Assuming You Can Find Them)

OH MY GOD, GUYS. I simply must tell you about what happened to me a couple days ago. It is Walt Disney World roller coaster ride… OF THE MIND. THE SETUP On Wednesday afternoon I get a voicemail from an unknown Greensboro, NC number from someone purporting to be calling on behalf of Walt Disney World. They claim they need to talk to me about my recent Magic Band order. Immediately, the whole thing raises a bunch of red flags for me: The Greensboro phone number, which has no internet presence, except for one page of people claiming it’s...

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Alice March Hare tea

In Which Jenn Shows Off Her Disney Mug Collection

I’ve seen quite a few posts out there about Disney mug collections. I do not have nearly as vast or as varied a cabinet as many, but I’m taking a shot anyway. Prepare for a trip down memory lane, bottoming out in a mid-2000s Disney Store. In my college and grad school years I worked at a Medieval Times attached to a mall, so I spent a lot of time wandering around it. Luckily this particular mall had a Disney Store, which often offered sale items. They also had a frequent rotation of mugs that looked like these: PLOT...

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Jack Skellington is confused

In Which Jenn Has Questions About Theme Park Grammar

Here’s a question that’s been plaguing me for years: should you or should you not italicize the names of theme park rides? I’ve seen it go both ways and I just don’t know. Wikipedia suggests no. Ditto Yahoo Answers. Annnnd that’s about it, as far as an admittedly shallow Google search went. But I’ve seen posts and articles italicizing ride names, so I know there are dissenters. I thought if anything, an official Disney publication would be able to clear things up, but noooo. WDW sent me one of those “your vacation is coming up” booklets, and the style...

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