Champagne in Epcot

In Which Jenn Drinks Champagne In Epcot

Let’s talk about champagne. Yes! I knew you’d be up for it. If you read my trip recap, you’ll recall that last year my travel buddy Elizabeth missed our flight down to WDW for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon. Luckily she was able to snag a seat on a later plane, but the end result was that even after race packet pickup I was left with about an hour to kill on my own. It being the Food & Wine Festival, I naturally hopped a bus from the race expo to the Boardwalk resort, then walked over to...

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Alice March Hare tea

In Which Jenn Misses Disney’s Partnership With Nescafe (WAIT I CAN EXPLAIN)

A lot of Disney fan discussion centers around coffee. Where to get the best coffee on property, where to get the cheapest coffee, is Starbucks in fact a gift from God or a Satan-born waste of Main Street Bakery space (yes but also yes). But the one thing just about everyone seems to agree upon is this: Thank God Joffrey replaced the glorified piss that was Nescafe. The coffee company, not the universally reviled GoT character. And not without reason. I think we can all agree that Nescafe was barely coffee, being as it is basically instant coffee powder. The...

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Food & Wine

In Which Jenn Makes Her 2016 Food & Wine Festival To-Eat List

And now for my favorite post of the year: my Epcot Food & Wine Festival To-Eat List. The booth menus were released while I was on vacation, but you can bet I jumped right on them the second I got back, assembling my High Priority snacking list. … Where I discovered that I have become one of Those People: the Food & Wine Festival Regulars Who Complain When Things CHANGE. Because why do things change??? It’s cool, though; while I may mourn the passing of some of my personal favorites, I’m sure a wonder of new culinary masterpieces await...

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Nomad Lounge Jenn's Tattoo

In Which Jenn Has Her Very Own DAK Cocktail: Jenn’s Tattoo!

GUYS GUYS GUYS. I HAVE MY OWN ALCOHOL. So I was reading easyWDW like I do when I want to giggle to myself while reading Disney stuff, finding out all about the new Nomad Lounge connected to the Animal Kingdom’s latest fancy pants restaurant, Tiffins. I’m scrolling, I’m scrolling, not paying very careful attention to the images of the menu proper as I’m generally more interested in the food selected for review. I get to the bit where Josh describes all the drinks… and suddenly, THERE IT IS. Original blog post here. GUYS GUYS GUYS. I HAVE MY OWN...

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In Which Jenn Finally Stops Resenting That Dopey Guy

During my last WDW Marathon weekend, I overheard some people on the Expo bus talking about their preferred approach to the final few miles of the race. Mainly they attempted to make several pit stops in the World Showcase for food and drinks, especially for soft pretzels in Germany and beer in the UK. This, of course, is the sort of opportunity that makes runDisney races amazing and unique. I wholeheartedly endorse anyone and everyone who takes this laid-back and delicious approach to the end of the race. I may even chill out and join you some day. But...

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The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Brown Derby Lounge Review

Last post of the trip report. 🙁 Commentary from Elizabeth provided in red. Click here to read all the posts in this report. Onward! Brown Derby Lounge, I hope you don’t mind me telling you this, but: you were an accident. Elizabeth and I were hot and tired that afternoon in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We were just looking for a bar that wasn’t crowded. You – the little outdoor bar space attached to the Hollywood Brown Derby – had a line, but by that point we had given up. Turns out the line was just for the bar itself to grab a to-go...

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San Juan

In Which Jenn Went to Puerto Rico

Okay, so, like I said before, I spent the long weekend in Puerto Rico. In an effort to make this somewhat more related to the mission statement of the blog, I will say: I did not run in PR but I saw several OTHER people out for a run, which means that if I ever move to Puerto Rico I don’t have to give up my hobby. Also, I ate food! We like to talk about food around here. I wasn’t a huge fan of all the fried stuff – did you know that they fry a lot of...

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Running wild

The Fairest Week in Review: 9/16

Moon can’t make it today, but – IT’S HER BIRTHDAY! WEEEEEE!!! Everybody wish her a happy one! 😀 😀 D Glorious. Okay. Training last week. It started out well – on Sunday I knocked out a 16 miler at decent speeds. Unfortunately my Tuesday run was rough and my Thursday run was even rougher. I couldn’t figure out what went wrong until after the Thursday run when I realized that my bit of a cough and slight soreness of throat added up to a cold. Not a severe one – I’m already almost over it – but just enough...

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Alice food

In Which Jenn & Moon Discuss Pre- & Post-Run Snacks & Jenn Uses Her Car as an Oven

JENN: So, running fuel snacks. They’re important, one way or another. There are three categories: pre-run, mid-run, and post-run snacks. I’m ignoring mid-run snacks because I’ll have a blog post about that next week, but for today I’d like to start with pre-run snacks – Moon has her own take on this! MOON: Pre-run snacking = >:(. I hate eating before a run. So… I’m a little useless for this topic, but I never eat before I run. JENN: Regardless of length, regardless of time? MOON: Yes. For long runs I sometimes cave and eat something in the event...

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La Cava

A Tale of Two Tequila Shots

Please join me once again in welcoming the amazing, death-defying Elizabeth as my special guest! JENN: So, tequila. Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World. Tequila. I think the connection is obvious. ELIZABETH: And the first time you chickened out! JENN: This is true. Let the record show that Elizabeth is twice the man I am. ELIZABETH: It was a good place to have a first tequila shot, though. JENN: And it was in La Cava del Tequila in Mexico, of course. So that was your first one? ELIZABETH: Yep! I’d had margaritas, but nothing with straight tequila. JENN:  I...

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