Photographic Memory: Epcot’s German Nutcracker

Mickey camera

 In anticipation of the Christmas WDW trip Jenn leaves for tomorrow, we give you – A POST WITH MOON!

MOON: I was honored with the task of picking a photo for today’s post! I give you: the nutcracker.

JENN: Directly from Epcot’s Germany pavilion in December 2008!

MOON: A telling photo of our differing physical grace.

This was my first solo trip with to WDW with Jenn. She suggested we go in the winter and I really loved the weather. It was perfect.

JENN: It really was the proverbial Great Time to Go – all the Christmas decorations were up but the crowd hadn’t arrived yet!

MOON: Yes, the Christmas decoration was really lovely. All things considered, it really was a rather easy-going experience. Much different from our first trip in the summer.

JENN: I remember finding this nutcracker tucked to one side in Germany, and I started doing ballet poses because I am a dork. Moon took a couple pictures of me, then I made her try!

MOON: And we can see how well THAT worked out.

JENN: This photo is when a random guy offered to take one of us together. That’s such a Disney thing! “Hello, random stranger, can I help you in some way?”

MOON: Too bad he couldn’t get me to strike a pose, but I suppose one can’t have everything while in WDW.

JENN: You totally struck a pose! That is a POSE.

MOON: That’s what we will call it then.

Do you prefer winter over summer?

JENN: Mm… I think so. Yeah. The holiday stuff is nice before Christmas, and the crowds tend to die down in mid- to late-winter. Elizabeth and I experience the best Animal Kingdom day EVER in late January.

I always say that summer means you can definitely use the pool, but I almost never actually make it to the pool, so really that argument only highlights how little I know myself. One of these days I’ll schedule a summer WDW vacation with an actual no-park day.

MOON: No you won’t. 😉

Epcot Germany Nutcracker

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  1. Pool days are overrated unless you just finished a race and are incapable of walking… And even then I drag my injured butt on at least Big Thunder Mountain.

  2. Oh, I firmly believe of heading into the park post-race – I mean, how else are you going to show off your new medal to the populace?

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