In Which Jenn Is Going to Walt Disney World RIGHT NOW

Cinderella Castle

If you’re reading this… then I’m on my way!

Yes, I’m hitting the “publish” button on this post, grabbing my bags, and heading for the airport. IT’S WALT DISNEY WORLD TIME.

This is the fabled trip I’ve only being counting down to for like a billion years. And it really does feel like that, because my mom and I had this trip planned so far in advance that our Advanced Dining Reservation window hadn’t even opened yet. That’s right – I’ve been waiting over six months.

But the time has finally come. I’m packed. My Magic Bands have arrived. I’ve printed my boarding pass. My spreadsheet is finalized. It’s go time.

You make a spreadsheet too, right? … Right?

As I have mentioned, I’m super-excited for this trip because it’s the first time my mom (or anyone in the family besides me, for that matter) has been to WDW since 1998. I was surprised as all get-out when she volunteered to take this trip with me. But she did, and I’ve carefully constructed a vacation plan that with any luck will totally awaken the magic.

Some highlights:

  • Curated list of ADRs, including a California Grill reservation timed for dessert during Wishes; high tea in the Grand Floridian; lunch at Sanaa, where we’ll wait as long as necessary for a savannah window seat; an early breakfast at the Crystal Palace with Pooh and friends.

  • Speaking of ADRs, there’s one more I didn’t mention: a Candlelight Processional package that includes lunch at the Coral Reef. No, the food’s not particularly inspiring, but my mom LOVES the ocean, so the ambience is sure to score. Plus, our CP celebrity narrator? Why, it’s Guinan Whoopi Goldberg, a celebrity that even my pop culture ignoramus mother recognizes (for real, I once had to explain to her who Brad Pitt is. Also Fifty Shades of Grey. It was scarring).

  • Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – I’ve never done this before! And I don’t know if I would have any time soon given the added expense, but when describing it as an option my mom got way into the idea and we’re going. Now that we are, I’m way into it myself. The Christmas parade and snow and cocoa and cookies and special holiday Wishes and yes please sign me up!

  • Tailored attraction touring based on what I know she enjoys. This means skipping some of the thrill-ier thrill rides, but in a way this will be an advantage – less time spent in line means more time to explore the nooks and crannies that make WDW what it is. We’ll check out the special holiday displays and shows and decorations, meander through Animal Kingdom’s wildlife trails, poke our noses in Epcot shops, watch all the shows, and take photos with characters. Especially Jungle Book characters – those are her favorite!

  • Bonus! High temperatures are supposed to be in the low- to mid-80s the entire time we’re there. Thanks, Mother Nature!

So, that’s the plan. AND IT STARTS NOW. You best believe I’ll be tweeting!

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  1. YOU MAKE A GOOGLE DOCS SPREADSHEET TOO?!?!? We can totally travel together. I can't tell you how many times I've said to my sister, "didn't you look at the spreadsheet?!?!"

    Have a great time!!!!

  2. I totally do a spreadsheet for my trips! It helps keep everyone organized (not to mention myself). I already have one started for marathon, tinkerbell, and princess weekend!

  3. Pretty sure I'm the only Disney aficionado I know who DOESN'T do the spreadsheet thing. I do make an extensive iPhone Note, though. HAVE FUNNNNN

  4. This sounds like a great trip! I went around this time last year and I LOVED the Christmas Party and Candlelight Processional, I'm sure your mom is going to love it!

    I used to totally make a spread sheet, now I usually use TripIt instead.

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