In Which Jenn Is Prepared For The Epcot Food & Wine Festival

Food & Wine Festival

Remember how last year I was so distraught about missing the Epcot Food & Wine Festival I made a to-eat list even though I wouldn’t be there? Some of my saner work, I must say.

Well, this year no one needs to worry about my mental state: I am, as is right and proper, going to be at the festival. I’m going to run the 10K and half, and then eat and drink delicious foodstuffs. It is written!

As is traditional, I have painstakingly combed through all the pre-released menus and selected the items that stand out to me the most. These shall be the flavors of priority. And there are a lot this year – is it just me or are the F&W offerings getting more and more intriguing with time?

In the past I have sometimes found the certain dishes will disappear between announcement and actuality, or get bad reviews, or be usurped by new foods that unexpectedly catch my eye in the moment. But I like to have a list to start from, y’know?

Anyway, here’s what I intend to eat:

+ means I have eaten it at past Food & Wine Festivals and liked it enough to add it to the list again

– means I’ve had it on my to-eat list before but for whatever reason never got around to trying it

Booth Item Notes
Active Eats Loaded Mac ‘n Cheese+
Active Eats Pineapple Coconut Hard Sparkling Water
Africa Jam Jar Shiraz+ Or maybe the wine flight?
The Almond Orchard Champagne!!!+ I still don’t understand why it’s in an almond orchard, but okay.
Belgium Belgian Waffle with Warm Chocolate Ganache-
Brazil Pao de Queijo+
Brazil Brazilian Seafood Stew In it for the coconut-lime sauce.
Brewer’s Collection Schofferhofer Pomegranate Beer-
Canada Cheddar Cheese Soup+ In it for the pretzel roll.
Canada Moosehead Radler All those juice infusions!!
The Cheese Studio Cheese Trio- A profiterole! A macaron! Smoked salmon!!!
The Cheese Studio Maple Bourbon Cheesecake
China Xi’an Pancake with Beef Pancake, you say?
China Roasted Duck Bao Bun+ I will eat practically anything in a bao bun.
China Jasmine Draft Beer This could be disgusting. I MUST FIND OUT.
China Byejoe Punch Must resist urge to shout the name a la FALCON PUNCH!
Chocolate Studio Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tart+
Chocolate Studio Pumpkin Spice Chai & Chocolate Shake
Coastal Eats Baked Shrimp Scampi Dip Is it weird I just want the baguette?
Craft Drafts Chocolate Milk Stout-
Earth Eats Steakhouse Burger
Earth Eats Impossible Burger
Earth Eats Kombucha Flight
Festival Center The Wine of Kurt Russell- Wait, is that not what it’s called?
Flavors from Fire Spicy Chocolate Mousse
Germany Shinkennudeln Unless there are peas in it, in which case HARD PASS.
Germany Roast Bratwurst+ In it for the pretzel roll.
Greece Bougatsa Assuming it looks good coming out of the kiosk.
Hawaii Grilled Tuna Tataki Wasabi cream, you say?
Hawaii Teriyaki-glazed Spam Lovely Spam, wonderful Spam.
India Either the Curry or the Korma I can’t decide. Both?
India Mango Lassi with Indian Cream Liquer
Ireland Roasted Irish Sausage-
Ireland Cheddar Cheese Dip+
Ireland Guiness Baileys Shake Not 100% sure what this means but I’m willing to find out.
Islands of the Caribbean Quesito-
Italy Fritto Misto
Japan Teriyaki Chicken Bun My kingdom for a steamed bun!
Japan Beef Nigiri
Japan Spicy Roll
Light Lab Cider Flight
Mexico Coconut Rice Pudding
Spain Charcuterie in a Cone-
Thailand Red Hot Spicy Curry Beef BRING IT ON.
Taste Track Pancake Milkshake WUT

What are you most excited to try at the festival?

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